Add Value to your Chamber's Membership Benefits with our Prescription Discount Card!

Earn Non-Dues Revenue For Your Chamber

The Chamber Affinity Program is a prescription discount card that is available to all chambers and their members at no cost. The Chamber Affinity Program allows chambers to differentiate themselves by private labeling our prescription discount card with their brand. The prescription discount program adds value to membership as well as the ability to earn non-dues revenue for the chamber. The card is accepted at over 56,000 pharmacies nationwide and never expires

"UNA Rx is an important and valuable program for many chambers of commerce."

Chris Mead
Senior Vice President
American Chamber of Commerce Executives

"The absolute best source of non-dues revenue!"

Mark S. Jaffe
President & CEO
Greater New York Chamber of Commerce

"Over the years, UNA has been a constant and dependable partner for our chamber."

Maryann Lesso
Director of Member Services
DC Chamber of Commerce

How Does My Chamber Earn Revenue From The Chamber Affinity Program?

Your chamber member acquires a prescription discount card from you in one of several ways. Your chamber will have the capability to distribute the cards to your members by physical cards, email, flyers and your website. Contact us for more information on marketing the prescription discount card to your chamber members.

Once a member has obtained a card, they simply present the card with their prescription at the pharmacy to receive up to a 75% discount at point of sale on generic and name brand medications. For a list of participating pharmacies, take advantage of our pharmacy locator tool.

The prescription discount drug card is processed at the pharmacy using a "Group Number" designated to your chamber specifically. Using the Group number, we are able to provide the chamber a revenue share based on your utilization.

How Do My Chamber Members Benefit From The Chamber Affinity Program?

Any uninsured or underinsured members and their families will now have access to a free prescription assistance program provided to them by their chamber of commerce. Some members with Health Savings Accounts or a High Deductible Plans may be looking for ways to lower their prescription costs. Chamber members also have the option to provide the prescription discount cards to their part time employees that do not have prescription benefits compliments of your chamber of commerce.

Please take advantage of our pharmacy locator and medication pricing tools below to locate participating pharmacies in your area.